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Craft Test Dummies | Fall Centerpieces

Autumn Decor Crafts
from Total Class Creative

by Jenny at

A few days ago I shared some fun “Fall Felt” crafts from Total Class Creative– and today I’m following up with sharing some of their innovative wood cut-out Fall Centerpieces.

Like the Easter Bunny centerpiece I reviewed this spring, the beauty of these are their simplicity. They are just pieces of cut-out, painted wood that fit together in a notch system to create a stand-up, 3-d figure. You can leave them just as they are, adorn them with the enclosed embellishments, or go complete creative and alter them any way you please!

I started by opening the pumpkin centerpieces and adding the green rhinestones that the include in the pack.

A little quick-grab or tacky glue is really handy for this! Then I got inspired an sprayed 2 sides down with Elmer’s Craft Bond Spray Adhesive, and shook on some glitter. I added a little ribbon (and a pumpkin ornament) and set it in a tray with faux leaves. The result? A quick centerpiece for my mud room:

I also received the Ghost and Black Cat centerpieces…but honestly, they were so cute I didn’t have the heart to alter them. I just set them up right on the coffee table.

What I like about these “kits” from TCC is that you can simply dismantle them at the end of the season and store them flat for next year. This would be great for teachers in their classrooms, folks with smaller homes or apartments, or even for kid’s rooms.!

And price-wise, they’re reasonable. They’re only 5 or 6 bucks apiece! At that price you can buy a whole grove of pumpkins for your Thanksgiving or Halloween display!

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