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Craft Test Dummies | Fashion Doll Furniture

Craft Product Review:
Total Class Creative Doll Furniture

by Jenny at

Last month I reviewed some of the Wood Craft Kits from Total Class Creative, so this time I’m going to talk about the cardboard doll furniture kits.

These kits are different from the first set I reviewed. First of all, they are made of pre-cut, printed cardboard (chipboard weight.) Also, you need to glue the pieces together and therefore you cannot disassemble them. However, they are similar in that you get everything you need to put together your furniture, the patterns are on-trend, and you get a great assortment of stickers, gems, and other goodies to “glam” up your doll’s furniture!

As you may know, I have a couple of great “assistants” in my studio for certain kid-friendly projects; and for this one, my dear 5 year old daughter helped out!

We opened up the Princess Fashion Doll Furniture Kit and I was blown away by all the goodies in the pack. This kit includes the materials to make a bed, a table, and two chairs, and will fit a 12″ doll (Like a Barbie.)

Lots of fun goodies!

While Little Girl tried to slide the pieces together to build the doll chairs, it was just a bit too challenging for her. So assembled the pieces, and she started decorating the pillows & pieces with the included felt stickers and rhinestones. By the time I got to the part where I asked her help me glue on the seats, she had run off to go get her dollies!

Here’s how our table and chair set turned out:

I proceeded to assemble the bed, which went together easily and only needed a little glue. Little Girl did all the decorations on her own (including cutting out the heart shape, which was not included.)

This kit took only 1/2 an hour or so for us to assemble together, but she played with it for days and days. At one part there was a virtual Barbie Hotel with all the dolls in that bed!!!

Now, as far as I can see, there is only one drawback to this set- it’s prone to…um…. squishing. My Little Girl stepped on the bed when it was on the floor, and of course the cardboard gave way. (Not unexpected though, right?) Considering her age, I’m thinking that she puts a LOT of wear and tear on these items and they won’t last particularly long. However, for slightly older kids- who are more careful with their playthings- it’ll probably last longer!

Overall, I love these kits for the fun & economical price- you get both the fun of making them your own AND then the plus of hours of creative play. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one of these kits to give as gifts- wouldn’t they make great birthday presents?

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