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Kid’s Craft Kit Review –
Total Class Creative

by Jenny at

Wood craft kits from Total Class Creative - no tools required!Total Class Creative is a totally new company for me- I have to admit that I’d never run across their products in a store before. However, one look at their product line and I was intrigued. The wood toys, storage items, and decorative products are really appealing and high-end, and I was so pleased when they asked me to try them out.

While they have a large product line, for this review I’m only reviewing their painted-wood items. Specifically, I tried out the doll furniture, fire engine kit, and Bunny table decoration & glitter eggs.

Fire Engine from Total Class CreativeWhen I opened the boxes, my 9-year-old son literally pounced on the fire engine kit. It’s part of TCC’s “Transportation Series” and he begged me to let him make it as a gift for his little cousin. How do I say “no” to that? The instructions say it’s for ages 8 and up, so I let him go. He pulled out all of the pieces and got to reading – and in less than 10 minutes he had assembled the entire thing and personalized it with stickers.

Letter stickers not included The directions were easy for him to follow and maybe most importantly, require NO tools- it assembles with just slots and notches holding it together. The quality of the wood is great- no rough edges, and the pieces come pre-painted. While it’s easy assembly, you can be somewhat creative with placement of the stickers and extra embellishing you may choose to do. (My son added his cousin’s name on the side using some felt stickers we had on hand.) I also found it to be pretty sturdy- my 3 year old nephew will be able to put his toy cars in it for storage. (I wouldn’t advise actually trying to play with it like a fire engine- it’s more of a room decoration or storage unit.)

Cute storage in a snap! That being said, my good friend Stacy suggested that this would be an adorable baby shower gift- just assemble it, fill it with baby items, and wrap the whole thing in basket wrap. How cute is that?? Or you could use it as a centerpiece for a birthday party…let your imagination go wild.

The next item we tried was the wood 18″ doll furniture, specifically the table, chair, and bed kids. Like the previous kit, everything was pre-painted and required no tools – just slide the parts together. While my 5-year-old could not put together the chair kid, she actually figured out the table all on her own. I love the fact that the pieces are smooth and there are no rough edges – and the color schemes are so cute!

Easy to assemble & pre-paintedAfter an afternoon of vigorous play, I surmised that these kits are pretty sturdy- impressive! Also, I think it’s a real plus that you can disassemble the furniture to store it away flat. I would think that these would be great kits to have on hand for visiting grandkids or nieces; they put them together, play with their dollies, and then poof! They get taken apart and stored away for the next visit.

Easy to take apart, too, and stores flat. Lastly, I put together the Easter Bunny table centerpiece – really it is just sliding 2 parts together to make the figure stand up. Despite it’s simplicity, it really is classically elegant. I decided to dress up my bunny just a bit with some organza ribbon and silk flowers. (I adhered it all with Glue-Dots so I could easily take off the decorations.)

I also put together the pre-painted Easter eggs, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the pieces came with adhesive already on them – all I had to do was peel off the paper sheet and sprinkle on the color-coordinating glitter. Easy-peasy, and so cute. Won’t this be sweet on my spring table?

Instant centerpiece!To sum it up, these are great kits. The price points are affordable (for example, the fire truck is $11.99, and the bunny centerpiece is $12.99), and because they are sturdy wood, you can decoupage and embellish to your heart’s content without having to worry. (I may take one of those bunnies and do some serious mixed-media collage on it!)

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