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Crafting With Boys
by Beckie at Infarrantly Creative

I can’t wait to introduce you to my latest partnership with Total Class Creative!

They are a company who sell kid’s craft projects. I will be highlighting more of their products over the next month but wanted to give you a sneak peak of the goodies they carry.spaceship kit

As soon as Isaac saw the wood spaceship in the box there was no talking him into waiting to “get his craft on.”  I had plans to decoupage this instead and then use my fancy schmancy Silhouette cutter to cut out vinyl letters that said “Blast Off!” But then I was smacked in the head by these thoughts:

Good Mom Angel: “Helllllloooooo, isn’t this a kid’s craft?” 

Devilish Selfish “Over-the-Top-Need-for-Perfect-Decor” Mom: “Well yes it is, but how much cuter would it be decoupaged and vinyl lettered out?”

Good Mom Angel: “Isn’t the point of a kid’s craft to let your child enjoy the process no matter what the end product looks like?  Don’t you encourage others to create?

Devilish Selfish “Over-the-Top-Need-for-Perfect-Decor” Mom: I don’t want some crooked, stickered spaceship in his room!

Good Mom Angel: Why?

Devilish Selfish “Over-the-Top-Need-for-Perfect-Decor” Mom: Because it won’t look as cute!

Good Mom Angel: So. Do you know how much joy it will give your son to do this with you?

Devilish Selfish “Over-the-Top-Need-for-Perfect-Decor” Mom: (Silence)

So guess what we did tonight?  We put stickers totally crooked onto the spaceship (stickers provided in package).  With the look of sheer joy on his face we spent about 20 minutes decorating his spaceship.  He loved spending that time with me and was so proud of his creation.  He said he wanted another one to decorate just for Kayla. Awwwww, be still my heart!IMG_0678 IMG_0672

Here it is in blast-off mode!

Don’t you just want to stick him in your pocket and carry him around with you.  He is so stinkin cute I can’t get over it!

I ended up adding a piece of cardboard and a mason jar to raise up his art supplies.  This will go on his desk in his bedroom.  It will be perfect during his naptime quiet time. (Let’s have a moment of silence for the dying of his need for sleep during the day time).IMG_0681IMG_0679

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